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Rescuing horses at risk since 1985.

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Every horse has a story. Let me tell you mine.

I never get tired of seeing the surprise on a cowboy’s face when he realizes that THESE ARE THE RESCUE HORSES. When we show up at an event, or when we are gathering cattle for a neighboring ranch, we always use the rescue horses. Any preconceived ideas of what a “saved from slaughter” horse is goes right out the window when we unload the well-behaved, well-trained horses that we ride. When these hardened ranchers show up at the Ranch to “see what we got” and start with the “What about that one?”, I just say “Yes, that one, too.”

Then it goes on to “But not that one?” I say “Yup, that one, too.” It seems hard for some folks to wrap their brains around the fact that these are not all “throw away” horses. A lot of them are well-trained, well-bred, registered horses that were just lucky enough to be at the wrong auction at the wrong time. Big, fat and healthy is what slaughter buyers want and training does not matter to them. Then we walk out into the pasture or down the pipe corral aisle, it’s awful hard to picture any of these happy, healthy, friendly, relatively well-adjusted horses being shipped to a slaughter plant. But that is exactly where they were all headed.

I can’t even explain what kind of intervention occurred to interrupt shipment to their grisly destination. Sometimes it was only seconds before the truck got there, as was the case of the stunning palomino yearling quarter horse filly. She was literally pulled out of the shipping pen with her little blanket still on her. . There have been far too many close calls to mention for each and every one of these magnificent horses.

Every “saved from slaughter” horse was taken directly out of the feedlot pen. This was an out-of-state horse feedlot that ships directly to the Canadian and Mexican slaughter plants. It is not illegal to ship horses from other states to “out of country” slaughter plants. These horses had no chance to be saved and nowhere else to go except to the slaughter plants. When you meet these horses, it is impossible to fathom that any of them deserved that horrible destiny. We will not link to slaughter videos or pictures from this website. We won’t go into the details of how the “processing” occurs at these plants. Let’s just say that “inhumane” is not even close to how cruelly these trusting, loving pets are treated by the plant employees, by the owners and even by the veterinarians on site.

There is a story in every horse’s heart and I hope to tell one for every horse that has crossed through our gates.

Marlene Dodge

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